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The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1968 authorized a 1500-mile increase in the nation's Interstate Highway System, bringing the total to 42,500 miles. (Such highways as I-129 in Iowa and I-27 in Texas were approved that year.)

In accordance with the Act, the Bureau of Public Roads asked the states to submit recommendations for where those 1500 miles should be located. The states' requests totaled more than 11,000 miles. As of April 1970, there were more than 9,400 miles of pending requests, with an estimated cost of over $13 billion.

This page lists those requests. Some ideas, like Arkansas' I-530, are interstates today. Others, like the US 78 corridor from Memphis to Birmingham, are still proposed. Still others seem too obscure to have ever had a chance.

There's some fun stuff: seeds of Charlotte's Outerbelt and other contemporary freeways; bits of "I-70 West" and other long-standing causes; and two northern New England interstates I call "I-92" and "I-98".

There are also three map scans related to the system and pending requests. These are large scans yet still hard to read, because of poor copy quality and small print size in the document. I recommend getting a road atlas to help identify roads and cities. On the maps, a circle around a city indicates one or more 3di's were approved or proposed there.

Source document: "Report on the Status of the Federal-Aid Highway Program", Hearing before the Subcommittee on Roads of the Committee on Public Works, U. S. Senate; dated April 15, 1970; pages 89-91.

Several road enthusiasts have contributed information about some proposals, including Steve Anderson (SA), Scott Kozel (SK), and Dan Moraseski (DM).

State Route Miles Comments
AL Mobile Connector, I-65 to I-10 6.2 now I-165
AL Birmingham toward Memphis 91.3 US 78
AZ Six urban routes in Phoenix 63.3 Loop 101 etc?
AZ Three urban routes in Tucson 31.0 Hmmm....
AR Little Rock to Dumas 77.3 much of it is I-530
AR Little Rock to Newport 79.0 I-30 extension; once proposed as I-740
AR Gilmore to Walnut Ridge 64.5 future I-555
AR Van Buren to Rogers 60.5 much of it now I-540
AR Texarkana toward Shreveport 33.5 I-29/49
CA Fremont to Hayward 15.2 CA 238 upgrade. Ghost ramps at I-680 were torn down May 2002.
CA San Bernardino west bypass, I-10 to I-15 14.2 ---
CA San Dimas (I-210) to CA 31 (now I-15) 19.2 CA 210 extension
CA Sacramento toward Reno 99.9 US 50 ("I-70")
CA SF Bay crossing and connectors 24.9 the "Southern Crossing" south of Bay Bridge
CA Buttonwillow to Barstow via Bakersfield 145.0 CA 58 wants to be I-40 extension
C0 Denver, NW quadrant of belt 24.8 Only part of C/E/W-470 not open or under const.
DE Wilmington toward Norfolk 79.0 Delmarva interstate, called I-99 or I-101 in m.t.r.
FL Miami to Homestead 32.0 I-95 extension
FL West of Miami to Homestead AFB 20.0 I-95 extension 2?
GA Macon connector, I-475 to I-16 8.0 I-16 extension
GA Augusta circumferential 15.0 part is now I-520
GA Savannah spur 3.4 I think this is I-516
HI Honolulu south loop 6.5 now H-1?
ID Boise, east connector 0.6 ---
ID McCammon (I-15) to Wyo. state line en route to I-80 87.0 I-86 ext?
IL DuPage Cty, I-55 to I-90 19.0 now I-355
IL Hennepin to Peoria 44.0 "Heart of Illinois" expwy
IN Indy, northeast expwy 8.7 ---
IN Terre Haute to I-64 92.1 US 41
IN Evansville to Ky. state line 6.8 ---
IN Lake County, extend I-294 10.1 ... to I-65
IA Cedar Falls to Mason City 84.1 US 218/18
IA Dubuque to Cedar Falls 134.2 US 20
IA Iowa City to Keokuk 88.2 US 218
IA Des Moines, southeast belt 24.5 now IA 5
IA Cedar Rapids, southwest to I-80 33.3 US 151
IA Des Moines to Burlington 151.6 ---
IA Sioux City to I-35 143.9 US 20
IA Davenport to Dubuque 66.3 US 61
IA Independence diagonal route 23.5 ---
KS K. C. to Ks., Mo., Okla. state lines 138.7 ---
KS Wichita to Okla. state line en route to Tucumcari, NM 216.7 US 54
KS Wichita to Pittsburg 144.6 US 400
KS Olathe to Okla. state line en route to Tulsa 157.4 US 169
KS Belleville to Mo. state line en route to St. Joseph 152.0 US 36
KS Olivet (I-35) to Topeka 41.5 US 75
KS Ottawa to Lawrence (I-70) 26.4 US 59
KS Wichita, northeast belt 10.0 KS 96?
KY Jefferson Fwy, Louisville 34.7 ---
KY Crosstown Fwy, Lexington 9.8 ---
KY Ind. state line to Henderson 5.4 ---
LA New Orleans to Shreveport 341.6 Now I-49
ME Topsham to Brunswick 3.8 ---
ME Bangor to Calais 119.1 "I-98"
ME Augusta belt 5.9 ---
ME Houlton to Van Buren 77.5 ---
ME Pittsfield (I-95) to NH state line near Gilead 94.8 ---
MD Balto - Wash. Parkway 27.0 MD 295
MD Baltimore to Annapolis 20.5 now I-97
MD Hancock (I-70) to Cumberland 31.1 now part of I-68
MD US 13, Norfolk - Wilmington route 32.0 MTR's real I-99 (or I-101)
MD Annapolis to Del. state line en route to Dover 45.0 ---
MA Haverhill, downtown connector 2.0 ---
MA Beverly - Salem - Vinnin Square 8.1 ---
MA Lawrence connector 3.0 ---
MA Pittsfield to I-90 11.0 US 7
MA Worcester - Fitchburg 32.6 now roughly I-190
MI Detroit inner loop 9.0 ---
MI extend I-275 to I-75 21.0 ---
MI Flint to Port Huron 60.0 now I-69
MI Grand Rapids to Mackinaw City 210.0 US 131
MI Standish to Cheboygan 184.0 US 23
MN Duluth, extend I-35 5.4 ---
MS US 78, Birmingham to Memphis route 120.3 "I-22" according to some
MO St. Louis, inner belt 4.5 route 755?
MO Columbia via Jefferson City to Rolla 86.3 US 63
NE York (I-80) to Ks. state line en route to Salina 57.2 I-135 ext.
NE I-80 spur to Grand Island 6.9 US 281
NE I-80 spur to Hastings 16.9 US 281
NE Lincoln to S. Sioux City 120.8 US 77
NE Omaha to North Bend 42.6 ---
NV Reno to Carson City 32.3 future I-580
NV Las Vegas Spur 10.5 now part of I-515
NV Calif state line via Carson City to Utah line 403.7 I-70 ext.
NH Southern state crossing (Albany - Portsmouth) 103.0 I-92?
NH Midstate crossing (Glens Falls - Calais) 44.0 I-98?
NH Manchester to Mass state line en route to Worcester 31.0 old Route 52 plan (I-190 ext.)
NJ Newark, I-78 to I-280 3.0 NJ 75 (DM)
NJ Elizabeth to Newark 6.0 US 1-9? (DM)
NJ Jersey City, I-78 to I-495 3.0 NJ 85 (DM)
NJ New Durham to Wayne 35.1 NJ 3 / US 46 (DM)
NJ Delair (Pa. state line) to I-295 7.5 NJ 90 (DM)
NJ Bridgeport (Pa. state line) to I-295 4.0 US 322 (DM)
NJ Morristown to Springfield 15.0 The Matlock Expressway? (Simpsons in-joke) ... actually NJ 24 (I-278 ext.) (DM)
NJ Franklin Lakes to NY state line near Alpine 16.7 ---
NJ Hope to NY state line near Port Jervis 34.0 ---
NM Las Cruces to Texico 301.0 "US 70: I-14?"
NY Sheridan Expwy 4.0 I-895 (nee 278) ext.
NY NYC, Co-op City Bypass 2.9 Possibly northern I-678 ext. along Hutch. Riv. Pkwy to I-95 at Bronx/Westchester line (SA)
NY Binghamton to Rochester 162.0 sort of I-390
NY Buffalo to Pa. state line near Bradford 64.4 US 219
NY Binghamton - Erie 150.5 now I-86
NY Watertown - Burlington 150.0 NY 3, sort of
NY Schenectady to Vermont state line en route to Portsmouth, NH 26.1 "I-92"; lower VT - NH crossing
NY Syracuse north belt 12.0 --
NY Glens Falls to Vermont state line en route to Bangor 33.0 "I-98"
NY Elmira - Courtland 49.0 NY 13
NY Rochester Outer Belt 42.5 --
NY Oyster Bay - Long Island expwys 36.0 LI Sound crossing; I-287 extension
NY Binghamton - NYC 132.0 NY 17, mostly
NY West Dutchess Expwy 69.0 --
NY Catskill Expwy 60.5 possible routing along US 209 from I-84 in Port Jervis to I-87 (I-587) in Kingston (SA) (but where's the Borscht Beltway?)
NY Niagara Falls - Rochester 66.3 NY 18? close to once-proposed long 990
NY Lockport Expwy 12.0 I-990
NY Buffalo - Dansville 61.0 --
NY Yonkers - NJ expwy 2.0 --
NY Delaware - St Lawrence expwy 212.0 --
NY Amsterdam - Northway expwy 20.0 --
NC Asheville, north belt 8.8 --
NC Charlotte, outer belt and radial to outer belt 71.5 I-485 for the belt; radial = ?
NC Winston - Salem to Greensboro (2 parts) 42.8 --
NC Greensboro spur (2 parts) 7.6 --
NC High Point to I-40 west of Greensboro (2 parts) 13.0 --
NC Durham, east connector to I-85 5.8 --
NC Raleigh spur 2.0 --
NC Fayetteville, north and south bypasses 25.0 --
NC Greensboro to Wilmington 159.0 US 421; but predates I-40 ext.
NC Morehead City spur 83.0 US 70
NC Asheville - Charlotte - Wilmington 245.4 US 74
OH Cleveland connector, I-71 to I-90 6.3 --
OH Dayton west belt 19.8 --
OH Akron - Canton connectors 67.2 --
OH Toledo Connector, I-75 to I-280 3.6 --
OK Okla City, spur to Will Rogers Airport 2.2 (never met a spur he didn't like)
OK Tulsa to Tonkawa (at I-35) 108.4 --
OK Tulsa to Webbers Falls (at I-40) 63.7 --
OR Portland to Astoria (near Pac. coast) 100.9 Hyperextended I-505
OR Salem, extend I-305 2.3 --
OR Eugene, extend I-105 4.2 --
PA Ebensburg to NY state line en route to Buffalo 115.0 US 219
PA Harrisburg, West Shore Expwy 6.0 --
PA Allentown spur 7.0 I-178?
PA Bethelehum spur 4.0 I-378?
PA Wilkes-Barre spur 2.5 PA 309?
SC Columbia, connector to I-26 1.5 --
SD I-90 to Pierre 34.5 US 83
TN Memphis, Riverfront - NW Expwy 8.9 --
TN Chattanooga, Central Fwy 8.6 --
TN Dyersburg to Clarksville, I-155 to I-24 125.0 --
TN Dyersburg to jackson, I-155 to I-40 40.0 --
TN Memphis toward Birmingham, AL 9.0 US 78
TX Lubbock to Roscoe 111.0 I-27 ext.
UT Salt Lake City, loop and radial 12.5 --
UT Lagoon (I-15) to Uintah Jct (I-84) 10.9 --
UT Green River to Spanish Fork 126.4 US 6
VT Southern state crossing (Albany - Portsmouth) 45.2 "I-92"
VT Midstate crossing (Glens Falls - Calais) 97.3 "I-98"
VA Richmond, extend I-195 to I-95 3.3 probably the Downtown Expressway. (SK)
VA Portsmouth - Norfolk connector 8.0 possibly the VA-164 Western Freeway and Midtown Tunnel (SK)
VA Richmond, west belt 30.0 VA 288 (SK)
VA Norfolk, extend I-464 to I-264 0.6 the I-464 portion of the Downtown Tunnel / Berkley Bridge complex; 2.2 miles of I-264 wasn't added to the Interstate system until 1978. (SK)
WA Tacoma, north loop 10.6 --
WV Weston (I-79) toward Stasburg, Va. 128.1 I-66 ext.
WI Beloit to Milwaukee 59.8 now I-43
WI Milwaukee Belt 40.7 They'd be tearing it down by now
WI Eau Claire to Superior 151.7 US 53