The Map Inside: Connecticut Officials: 1989

This exhibit shows how the Connecticut official tourist map has changed since the 1930s. You can start with the introduction or browse year to year. The scans may not be actual size (150 dpi), but are consistent with each other.

Other years:
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1989 map excerpt

The 1989/1990 map introduced new route markers. I don't think they looked as good. There tended to be alignment problems within the ovals as well.

Symbolizing this loss is Willimantic (pictured), which was served by a fragment of Interstate 84 from about 1971 to 1984. When the state decided not to pursue extending I-84 to Rhode Island, Willimantic's interstate was demoted to US 6.

1989 map excerpt

Though the DOT still kept the old design for detail maps, they were using different tools to make updates. Compare the ramps for the Route 32/I-95 interchange (newer) to the Route 349 ramps (older): the existing ramps are more finely done. The grade separations in the older work look better as well.

One map typo in 1987 displayed Route 349 as Route 350, below:

1987 map excerpt