ConnecticutTowns: Bozrah


This town of 2,500 west of Norwich is served by Route 2 and Route 163, though Route 82 cuts through its southeastern corner for 1.02 miles, and Route 87 sneaks in from the east for 0.18 miles.

Polly Road in Bozrah and Lebanon is an old segment of Route 2, and once led from the freeway segment (to the east) to the 2-lane segment (to the west, where the freeway toward Colchester opened later). That's the reason "Old Route 2" has two state road numbers, 616 and 608, instead of one. The road is barricaded at the bridge over the Yantic River. I'm not sure if you can hike it.


Present routes

  • CT 2 Freeway from East Hartford to Norwich
  • CT 82 to Salem and Norwich
  • CT 87 to Franklin and Norwich
  • CT 163 Bozrah Street, to Montville
  • SR 608 Norwich Avenue; old CT 2
  • SR 612 Haughton Road; from end of CT 163 to old CT 2

Past routes

  • SR 506 (1961-1962) old CT 2; possibly now part of SR 608
  • SR 507 (1961-?) Bozrah Street Extension; was part of CT 163 connecting to old CT 2

Cancelled routes

  • None