ConnecticutTowns: Bolton


Bolton, a town of nearly 5,000 people in central Connecticut, might bring to mind Michael Bolton from Office Space, or Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones. It was named after Bolton, England, which is also near Manchester there.

The four-lane divided section of US 6/44 and the interchange at Bolton Notch was built in 1953, long before I-84 (now I-384) was connected to it. A plan to extend I-84 to Providence (or just Killingly) was killed in 1983.

Route 85 used to follow Camp Meeting Road into Manchester, to end at Route 83.


Present routes

  • I-384 to Manchester and I-84
  • US 6 to Bishop and Provincetown
  • US 44 to Manchester and Coventry
  • CT 85 to Hebron
  • SR 533 Cider Mill Road and Lake Street, toward Tunnel Road in Vernon
  • SR 534 Camp Meeting Road, to Manchester

Past routes

  • I-84 became I-384 in 1984
  • CT 87 once followed today's US 6 to Bolton Notch. US 6 itself followed Boston Turnpike (now US 44)
  • CT 101 (-1935) the existing route before US 44 was designated. It extended from Canaan to the Rhode Island line.
  • SR 807 (1962-1963) Bolton Center Road and Watrous Road. Part of this is now CT 85

Cancelled routes

  • I-84 to Providence would have extended beyond Bolton Notch to Willimantic and beyond. This was later on the books as a US 6 freeway (or possibly I-384) but is basically dead now.