ConnecticutTowns: Bethel


Bethel is a biblically-named suburb of Danbury with about 20,000 people. Points of historical interest to the roadgeek are: the former path of US 202 through town; and the unbuilt Danbury-Bethel connector, a freeway to have led north from the center of town to I-84.


Present routes

  • I-84 Freeway to Danbury and Waterbury
  • US 6 to Danbury and Newtown (and Bishop, CA)
  • CT 53 to Danbury and Norwalk
  • CT 58 to Bridgeport
  • CT 302 to Newtown
  • SR 853 Division Street

Past routes

  • US 202 (1935-1974) now CT 302 and part of CT 53
  • US 6 (1935-1974) now Mansfield Street
  • SR 453 (-1962) Plumtrees Rd, from Maple Av to Taylor Rd

Cancelled routes