ConnecticutTowns: Avon


Avon is a well-to-do suburb of Hartford, near Talcott Mountain and along several miles of the Farmington River.

At the height of Connecticut's freeway expansion plans, Avon was slated to have two freeways — US 44 and CT 10 — with a stack interchange connecting them. Both plans were cancelled in the 1970s.

Avon is the site of Connecticut's only runaway truck ramp, on US 44 descending toward the CT 10 intersection.

CT 4 comes close to cutting a corner of Avon near Unionville, but does not enter the town.


Present routes

  • US 44 to Winsted and Hartford
  • US 202 to Torrington and Massachusetts
  • CT 10 to Southington and Massachusetts
  • CT 167 to Unionville and Simsbury
  • CT 177 to Southington and Simsbury

Past routes

  • NE 17 (to 1932) a New England Interstate Route entering Connecticut in North Canaan and extending to Stonington; now US 44
  • CT 101 (1932-1935) now US 44
  • SR 767 (to 1965) short section of Old Farms Road
  • SR 784 (to 1962) Huckleberry Hill Road

Cancelled routes

  • US 44 and CT 10 freeways