ConnecticutTowns: Ashford


Ashford is a small town in northeast Connecticut.

Featured Road

The fact that Ashford has a motel is thanks to its location on the Wilbur Cross Highway (now I-84), which has been a main travel route since the 1940s.

During I-84 (I-86) reconstruction in the late 1970s, the motel's roadside sign encroached just enough into the widened right-of-way that part of it had to be cut off; for a time, the sign read "ASHFORD MOTE".

Ashford has seen two of its highways change numbers a few decades earlier, only to revert back in the 1980s. Route 74 became part of US 44, but is now Route 74 again; and I-84 became I-86, then I-84.

Present routes

Past routes

  • CT 15, Wilbur Cross Highway, 1947-1980 (now I-84)
  • I-86, 1969-1984 (now I-84)
  • US 44A, 1942-1982 (now US 44)
  • CT 197, until 1947 (along Turnpike Road and Boston Hollow Road)
  • SR 424, 1938-1947 (might be part of CT 89)

Cancelled routes

  • None