Here's a tip of the hat (not a wag of the finger) to fellow roadgeeks, historians and citizens who have contributed ideas, information and artwork for the site.

Barry L. Camp

CT 63 US 44A I-291

Barry has created a complete set of route markers for several states, including Connecticut (see With his permission, I used his markers in a sweeping makeover of the entire Connecticut Roads site.

I added a few markers for cancelled and renumbered routes (like I-284), and those are free for personal use under the same terms as Barry's markers.

Almost all markers for current routes are his. Exceptions are:


CT 129 CT 345 I-284

To complement Barry's set, I created a complete set for all Connecticut's former signed routes (like Route 52), and some cancelled or renumbered routes (like I-284). The 1920s routes have a thicker border and older-looking font, which is US Highways Old Style by Bruce Cridlebaugh (available here). (Yes, I paid the $5.)

Steve Anderson

The webmaster of, Steve Anderson, has contributed photos, news stories, and other information. He now oversees a wide network of road-related sites, covering the Eastern megalopolis from Boston to Washington, D.C.

Jim K. Georges

Years ago, Jim traded a CD full of his Connecticut photos for a rare postcard of the I-84/CT 8 interchange. That was a win-win trade, and I use a few of his photos on this site.


If I've overlooked you, or someone you know, I apologize. Please drop me an email and I'll correct it.