CT 113

From one end of Route 113 to the other is about 4 miles by helicopter; following the U-shaped complete route around Igor Sikorsky Memorial Airport is about twice as long. Here's how to follow it:

CT 113 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 113 followed this route: US 6 and Route 72 east from Route 8 to New Britain; Route 71 into West Hartford; and New Britain Avenue into Hartford.

The modern Route 113 was commissioned in 1932. From the Shelton Turnpike (old Route 65) in Shelton, it followed Nichols Avenue (now part of Route 108) into Stratford, then Main Street and Stratford Road to Stratford Point.

Around 1940, Route 113 was extended west along Prospect Drive and Bluff Avenue, then north on Lordship Boulevard into Bridgeport; this is where it goes now. In 1943 or 1944, however, it was shifted north to Access Road north of Sikorsky Airport, while the remaining portion south of the airport was called Route 113A. But in 1947, Route 113 was moved back, and Route 113A was deleted.

On Sept. 27, 1951, Route 113 also annexed Shelton Avenue (the old Route 65A) when 65 became part of Route 8. In 1963, Route 113 was shifted east, donating Nichols Avenue to Route 108 and inheriting part of Main Street in Stratford from Route 110.

Runway extension, 113 relocation at issue

As of mid-2003, the FAA has intended to extend the main runway at Sikorsky Airport and relocate part of Route 113 to the east. This plan was supported by Rep. Christopher Shays, in whose district the airport lies. However, after redistricting, the area is now served by Rep. Rosa deLauro, who opposes airport expansion, and in fact wants it closed.

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