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Texas has the most 2-digit interstates that are also standard barbell plates: 10, 35, 45.

I-345 (not signed as interstate)  Texas (link)

I-345, shown in 1971 Texaco road map
I-345 isn't signed, but has appeared in some maps, including this 1971 Texaco inset (Gousha).
1.40 miles [1note]; Interstate 345 is the official, but unsignposted, number for the north-south freeway connecting I-45 and I-30 to US 75 and Spur 366 in downtown Dallas.

The northbound lanes are signed US 75, and the southbound lanes are signed as I-45. Locals call it "the I-45 overhead" (it's elevated for its entire length) or the Julius Schepps Freeway. [2note]

Interstate 345 was approved for the Interstate system on Oct. 15, 1964. [3note] [5note] The first lanes opened in July 1971 and all of I-345 was scheduled to open by the end of that year. [6note]

In July 2002, Dallas leaders were discussing clarifying some area highways by adding numerical route markers -- and this could include signs for I-345. [4note]

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