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Welcome to MATR

Welcome to Me and The Roads, the Java road-building game.

You'll be in charge of highway planning for Pulau Acak, a new 240-square mile island of about 15 small towns. Your tools are:

There's no "object" yet; just rework the highway system until it's perfect, or you get tired of playing. The island comes up different every time you play, providing new challenges and starting points.

You don't start with a blank slate. Pulau Acak's previous highway planner paved about 200 miles of roads, with about a dozen numbered routes. However, as you'll see, the network doesn't serve the towns as well as it should. That's why your predecessor is dusting off his resume, and you're in control.

MATR is not available as a Java applet. Instead, download the application to your system. To run it, type java -jar matr.jar on the command line.

Other stuff: