• Summary: A 1.23-mile route entirely in Danbury.
  • From: 1935
  • To: May 1, 1974

US 202A is a former number for Coal Pit Hill Road in Danbury, in effect when US 202 was routed along South Street and Main Street.

In 1932, Coal Pit Hill Road was designated Route 58A. In 1935, when US 202 was commissioned and took over part of Route 58, Route 58A became US 202A. On May 1, 1974, when US 202 was relocated, US 202A became unposted SR 842. On Nov. 23, 1982, Coal Pit Hill Road was turned over to the city.

Now only one US alternate route exists in the state: US 1A in Stonington.

US 202A Sources