Route 191 stitches together some smaller towns in north central Connecticut: East Windsor, Broad Brook, and Scitico. For a brief time, it reached the Massachusetts state line, but was pulled back to Route 190.

CT 191 History

Commissioned in 1932, Route 191 originally included only Broadbrook Road, connecting Route 140 in Broad Brook and Route 190 in Scitico. This was formerly state highway 208.

In 1941, Route 191 was extended 4.6 miles west along North Street to end at US 5, a short distance south of the Enfield town line. North Street is now part of Route 140.

On July 3, 1961, during a rerouting triggered by the opening of the Bradley Airport Connector on Route 20, Routes 140 and 191 swapped segments to arrive at their locations today.

In 1962, the state extended Route 191 along Taylor Road in Enfield to the state line (see below), and cancelled Route 220, which had followed that route into Massachusetts. In 1963, the state retracted that change, and reinstated Route 220.

CT 191 on 1963 state map.Short-lived extended Route 191 replaced part of Route 220 in the 1963 state highway map.

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