Route 177 could be considered part of an alternate to Route 10 – follow it from Southington through Plainville, Unionville and Avon to Canton; then turn east on US 44, pick up Route 167 north, and meet Route 10 again in Simsbury.

The most scenic section is probably Unionville and the bridge over the Farmington River.

CT 177 History

Commissioned in 1932, Route 177's original location was Route 372 (former Route 72 in Plainville to US 44. It was extended south to Route 10 in Southington in 1963.

In 1965, development plans for the Unionville section of Farmington called for widening the South Main Street portion of Route 177 to four lanes.

In January 1982, a partial interchange with Route 72 opened in Plainville. Route 72 had opened more than a year earlier with no access to Route 177.

In the mid-1990s, ConnDOT and Plainville officials discussed improvements to Route 177, including a possible widening to four lanes at Route 72. Residents near the route opposed this, saying Route 177 would be turned into a speedway.

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