CT 167

Route 167 intersects US 202 twice, though this is mainly 202's fault; and it was once proposed to become part of a relocated US 202.

CT 167 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 167 followed today's Route 151 between Routes 66 and 149.

Commissioned in 1932, the modern Route 167 has seen few or no changes since then. The 1942 highway log lists the same length – to the nearest 0.01 mile – as today.

CT 167: US 202?

In Avon and Simsbury, US 202 overlaps two other highways -- US 44 and Route 10. In January 1978, Avon officials explored moving the US 202 designation to Route 167, to divert some traffic from the town center on US 44. Route 167 would have kept its designation south of US 44, but would have become part of US 202 north of US 44.

Simsbury's agreement would be needed before the renumbering process, which could take up to a year, could begin. Simsbury officials were concerned about increased traffic past the town's high school, located on Route 167.

The move to change US 202's designation was eventually tabled.

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