Route 133 crosses the US 7 freeway in Brookfield, but there is no interchange there. It also crosses the Housatonic River on a steel girder bridge.

CT 133 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 133 followed today's Route 20 between Route 8 in Colebrook and Route 10 in Granby. The Route 20 entry describes how different the modern route is from the original; both the Barkhamsted Reservoir and Bradley International Airport have forced the road to be rerouted.

Route 133, commissioned in 1932, once began and ended at US 7, for a length of 2.99 miles. The original route, from south to north:

At the 25/133 junction, the routes both turned 90 degrees instead of crossing each other.

On April 28, 1943, the state Highway Department changed Route 133's definition, citing a "departmental custom of carrying a route number on its logical location as indicated by checks and counts of traffic using the route." With this change, Routes 25 and 133 were switched north of their intersection to where they are today, with Route 133 crossing Route 25 and extending to Clapboard Road (which was Route 67 at the time) in Bridgewater.

In 1955, the Housatonic River was dammed in the area, creating Lake Lillinonah. A new bridge was built for Route 133. Shortly afterward, Route 67 was moved from Clapboard Road to New Milford Road East, and Route 133 was extended along Main Street North (part of the old 67) to end at the new alignment.

CT 133 Quotes

Route 133 has at least one fan, who wrote this letter to the editor in 1999:

"I have been a longtime resident of New Milford and have watched the town's traffic become more difficult, especially since the construction of a new Route 7 has been stalled for so many years.

I know Mayor Peitler has moved the construction progress of a new Route 7 along more than any prior administration. It seems that in the next few years, the new Route 7 will be a reality. Over the years, I have used Route 133 in Bridgewater to avoid the congested Route 7. I find this saves me time traveling south and affords me a country vista while driving.

I encourage all New Milford residents to use Route 133 through Bridgewater. This road serves as a great bypass to areas like Newtown, Bridgeport, Brookfield, Danbury and especially Interstate 84.

Drivers will find this route to be less nerve-racking than Route 7 and provide some rural atmosphere. There is a gas station at the beginning of Route 133 in Bridgewater and a country store in Bridgewater center to stop and pick up your morning coffee so as to prepare you for your commute.

Drivers will recognize that travel is not disrupted by any red lights, and traffic flow through Bridgewater center is relatively quick.

As motorists travel the scenic highway, they will encounter the majestic Lake Lillinonah Bridge. The views over this bridge are breathtaking. I can never say enough about Route 133 and what it means to New Milford residents other than it is a true 'commuter's delight.'"

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