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As long as we're in Pennsylvania, let's read from a 1998 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story about fellow roadgeek Jeff Kitsko: "'There was a man on the Internet who had a Web page about Connecticut roads, and he put on his Web site a challenge to people around the country to make Web pages for their home states,' Kitsko said. 'I took that challenge using my old road maps as history books. All of the history you see on that site was gleaned from my old maps.'"
   "There was a man on the Internet" does sound like something you'd find on Grimm's Fairy Tales.com -- but it's fun to see even oblique plugs in the print media. (Don't forget, there is a website on the Internet about Connecticut Roads too.)

I-283  Pennsylvania (link)

2.91 miles [1note]; south from I-83 to I-76 in Harrisburg. PA 283 continues for another 29 miles into Lancaster. Bud?

See also: I-283 History (Jeff (Kitsko)


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