Below are links to websites outside that discuss roads in Connecticut. For links inside, see the main page.

For a broader road-related directory (not just Connecticut), see the Open Directory Project: Roads and Highways.

Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT)

Project sites

Official sites, from either government agencies or engineering firms. For more information, visit my page for the highway you're interested in.

Advocacy sites

I realize the DOT and engineers can have agendas as well; I use the term "advocacy" not to editorialize or single out, but to group interested parties outside the government and its agencies. Listed are business and citizen groups for or against particular highways -- most of them proposed expressways.


great for showing intersection and route detail. Scans are large, though; about 2 MB each.

Regional Planning Agencies (RPA's)

Connecticut has about 15 RPA's, but not all have websites, and not all have much highway content. Here are the interesting ones:

Other Official Agencies

"Roadgeeks": other road enthusiasts

Outside Articles and Essays

Local History

Most of these sites discuss early roads in a single town, from the 1930s, the turnpike era, or even earlier.