• Length 19.95 miles; 1.50 miles in Connecticut.
  • From NY 82 in South Millbrook, N. Y.
  • To Route 4 and Route 41 in Sharon

Route 343 is primarily a New York route (unlike Route 341, it's a state designation New York has not discarded). About one-third of its length is a 7.3-mile overlap with NY 22, giving Route 343 a zig-zag shape. Just 1.5 miles exists in Connecticut, leading from the state line to the center of Sharon.

CT 343 History

Until 1932, State Highway 343 went straight west from Warehouse Point to East Granby, along the old Route 20. You can't drive there today, as Bradley International Airport is in the way.

The modern Route 343 was commissioned in 1932. It was one of only two route numbers in the 300s at the time, for number continuity with a connecting New York highway. (The other: Route 341.)

Until Route 364 was designated in 1963, Route 343 was the highest signed number (post-1932) in the state.