Route 314 comprises a short segment of the Berlin Turnpike, north of where US 5 and Route 15 veer off toward the Charter Oak Bridge, and most of Jordan Lane, leading to Route 99 in Wethersfield.

Route 314 meets Wolcott Hill Road at a four-way intersection overpassed by the 5/15 freeway (with no interchange) close to the old location of the state DOT offices.

It may surprise some that this short route has a signed number, with parallel routes close by. However, there was some justification in keeping this a state highway.

CT 314 History

In the 1920s, state highway 314 followed today's Route 183 north of US 44 in Winchester and Colebrook.

At some time before 1960, Jordan Lane became a state road, though with the unsigned designation SR 759. When the state set out to reclassify its roads in 1961, the original plan was to turn over 5.19 miles of roads to town maintenance, including:

Wethersfield officials protested the proposed Berlin Turnpike and Jordan Lane transfers, contending that the Berlin Turnpike still functioned as a state secondary route, and that Jordan Lane served a state prison (at the site of today's DMV office), the DOT (which later moved to Newington), and the Labor department building -- all state facilities.

The issue went to arbitration, and in 1963. was decided in favor of the town. Jordan Lane (SR 759) remained a state highway, with the new designation Route 314. The Berlin Turnpike segment of US 5A also remained, as part of Route 314 (south of Jordan Lane) and SR 543 (to the north). Given the numbering convention at the time, "Route 359" would have been a likely number for Jordan Lane, but 314 was chosen instead.

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