The portion of Route 118 between SR 800 (old Route 8) and Route 254 is a two-lane limited access road. Although there are no interchanges or grade separations, the state has control over any side street or driveway access (and there just a few). Some maps incorrectly show this section as a freeway. The old Route 118 (East Litchfield Road) meanders alongside the new.

As of Jan. 25, 2002, a 2.77-mile segment of Route 118 in Litchfield is designated a state scenic road. The designation runs from Clark Road to Route 63.

CT 118 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 118 was the number for what is now Route 10 between Milldale (present-day Route 322 intersection) into New Haven.

The second Route 118 was commissioned in 1932: 2.36 miles of West Avenue in Darien, from the Stamford city line to US 1. This was returned to the town in 1962.

The modern Route 118 was renumbered from Route 116 on Jan. 1, 1967.

CT 118 Sources