Route 107 is a short rural highway in north-central Fairfield County.

CT 107 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 107 followed today's Route 74 between Route 83 in Vernon and Route 32 in Willington.

The modern Route 107, commissioned in 1932, was originally the 3.79 miles between Route 53 and Route 58: namely, Hill Road, Lonetown Road, and Putnam Park Road. The Redding Road segment was part of Route 53 at that time.

In 1963, Route 53 was extended south, and Route 107 was extended to US 7.

The School Street and Redding Road crossover from US 7 to the 57/107 split was created circa 1954; before that, North Main Street was the primary connection. The change to Georgetown's layout was significant; has details and a map.

Realignment tabled; would "reward speeders"

The state wanted (in 1997) to straighten out some curves on Route 107 near Georgetown to decrease accidents. All plans involve straightening and widening the curvy road and rerouting several local streets, including Beeholm Road, Goodsell Hill Road and Little Boston Road. Residents were opposed: "This is a speeding problem," said one, and "By straightening Route 107, I think it's going to reward speeders," said another.

CT 107 Sources

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